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Welcome to Brad Georgic Photography!  Here you will find some more about me, my passion for photography, and how we can work together to capture that image of you, that you love!  I hope that my nature and life photography reconnect you to a memory and through that reconnection allow you to relive that day.

~With a smile, Brad

Contact Info: Brad Georgic bgeorgic@yahoo.com 724-889-5100



Loves: my wife, my family and friends, my God, my country,

What is one of your favorite quotes? Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance AKA Be Prepared...Boy Scout

What is your favorite form of exercise? Spinning...with Heather.  Christina went for years, I tried it and got hooked.  60 minutes of stress relive and sweat.

What is your favorite time of of the year? September  You can work outside in shorts, then have a campfire at night to stay warm

Whatís your least favorite mode of transportation? Crutches, but I have never had a broken bone.

What sound do you love? You are the Publisher's Clearinghouse winner!

Who is your favorite celebrity? Tom Hanks.  How can he go from Money Pit to Saving Private Ryan to Woody, and still nail each role?

What is your favorite color? Blue

What is most memorable about your high school years? Finding Christina, sharing an awesome Senior year with dear friends, State Volleyball Competition

Do you have any collections? Civil Defense, J Chein Toys,

What is your favorite food? This question is lame, diversity is the spice of life.   JuJu Bees

Where do you want to retire? Pittsburgh, with a Aruba winter home Dec 27- Feb 28

What is your business goal this year? Capture more happy people

Where do you like to vacation? Arashi Beach, Aruba

Who do you admire? Mom and Dad for all they give without ever asking.

What is your mission?  Everyone to have a picture of themselves that they LOVE.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? Married me...Christina

How do you want to be remembered? Passion for life, loving, and laughing.

If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Christina, she's awesome!...yo Quizmaster the island is Aruba because it didn't say deserted island!




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Sunday March 23, 2014